Monday, May 08, 2006

Weekends are for fibre fun!

Despite having guests and the rain, I did manage to get a lot done this weekend. The guys had a golf game planned for Saturday (in the rain) so I headed out to Granville Island. I guess the rain kept a lot of people at home because the Island was not that crowded. It's nice to go over there by myself. I wandered through all my favourite stores and not have anyone nagging at me to hurry up.

I picked up some more dyes at Maiwa but forgot the sodium alginate. Oh well...there's always next weekend. Opus Framing is another store I could spend hours wandering through. It's not just a picture framing store anymore. It's filled with all sorts of wonderful art supplies! I picked up another bottle of acrylic matte medium and another roll of linen tape. And some stuff called Molding Gel. You can mix in some paints and sculpt textures to your surface! Fun stuff! I tried on one of the boxes and I really like the effect.

Sunday was for dyeing. I now have a whole rainbow of dyed silk, ready for spinning.

And I finished plying the green silk. 165yds, navajo plyed, 24 wip. An ounce of silk really goes a long way. Is there a trick to photographing silk? Even in natural light, it's difficult to capture the colours of the silk.

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  1. Your silk is beautiful! I love Opus too.