Monday, May 29, 2006

Nothing fancy.

It's interesting that Franklin's latest comic offering is about a woman who refuses to knit for her children, grand children, etc.

My son and husband are knit-worthy but I rarely knit for them. They find it too warm to wear wool anything. But Saturday night my husband said that if I wanted to knit him a sweater, he would probably wear it. I was so excited! In our nearly twenty years together, I've knitted him two sweaters (both cardigans), 2 pairs of socks, and a pair of ugly ugly UGLY slippers! He's worn everything once each, with the exception of the very ugly slippers. They fell apart from wear and tear...and chewing from the dog.

He wanted something plain and simple. No fancy patterns or colours. Grey. Or brown. Something I would call mind-numbingly boring to knit. Ack!

My stipulation is that it will have to be something I like as well. In case he wears it only once, I can "borrow" it back for myself.

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  1. Arghh! Knitting for men. What an entirely unthankful job that can be.;) Usually plain and in unappealling colours. Then they complain it's too hot. Maybe we should just tell them everything we knit is for them, and when they don't like the lovely wine coloured, lacey cardigan, we say, "oh that's okay hon, I guess I can always wear it." Should work don't you think?