Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wow! Busy couple of weeks!

It's been crazy here. I thought it would be quiet with the kid off to Europe but it has been very busy. Two weeks goes by so fast. He'll be home tonight. I took the day off to meet him at the airport.

We've been spending most of our free time (time other than working or sleeping) helping my MIL pack & ready to move. Thankfully, my brother-in-law will be in town to help with the actual move tomorrow. Good thing because I wasn't able to get both days off. Given the choice of taking the day off to pick up my son or go help my MIL move, I'll be selfish.

Friday is his 18th birthday. Poor kid might still be too tired to celebrate. Saturday will be Easter dinner at my mom's place. Sunday and Monday will be do nothing days. Really looking forward to those days!

There is very little going on fibre-wise. I started the monkey socks with the Trekking I bought at Fibrefest but have not gotten far with them yet. I have about an inch done on one sock...which is just the ribbing. That's it. Too lazy to wind the yarn into two balls to knit both together.

I think I will make Sunday an all day fibre day.

Thankful for:

1. Mini daffodils in my garden.
2. My sweet violets made it back again this year.
3. Son will be home soon so the dog will stop moping around.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Fibrefest 2008

I laid out all my Fibrefest goodies & realized I don't have a camera. The old one has no juice because the battery pack went to Europe as the back-up battery.

Oh well.

It was a fun day as usual. Lots of gabbing with old friends and made new ones. It's always fun to run into people I haven't seen since last Fibrefest. It was at a new place this year and it was a bit of an adventure finding it. Other than that, it was still fun.

Since there will be no pictures, I'll just list out the stuff:

From Princess Farms:
2 - 100 gms skeins of 60/4 cotton & silk
2 - 100 gms bags of Cria baby alpaca roving in grey (so soft!)
2 - 50 gms handdyed stretched merino roving (you have to see this stuff!)

Misc Venders:
Handdyed superwash merino & tencel roving
220 Cascade wool (for my swatches)
Trekking sock yarn
Dark brown alpaca roving from Sterling Farms
M&K Eco Cotton
Four Harness Huck booklet by Evelyn Neher
1 Schacht slim boat shuttle

The only thing I had on my shopping list this year was to pick up some yarn to do the swatches for the Jean Wong workshop. The rest was just to go & see what was tempting...and there was a lot to be tempted with.

When I got home, dinner was already made.

Then I spent some time on WoW. Usually, I muck around with one of my son's lower level characters but I decided it was time I had my own. I'm Thymeformom on Moonrunner. :D

Monday, March 03, 2008

Time flies

Been busy with family stuff, knitting, and other fibre stuff. I should have taken some pictures first but the camera is being charged up, ready for my son to take to Europe. It's been a whirlwind of activities here trying to decide what he should take and what he would really need. Two weeks and a zillion different stops. That's the kind of trip one takes when one is young and has a lot of energy. Tomorrow, we pack the last minute stuff and he's all set. All the kids are so excited! They've been working hard towards this trip for over a year now. The teachers are great...this is their 6th trip. Over half the kids going are kids he's grown up with. It's so strange to see them as young adults. I still see them as little wee guys running around our backyard.

What am I going to do for the two weeks he's gone?

I think I'm going to play WoW until my eyeballs fall out! :D

Thankful for:
1. My son.
2. His group of good friends.
3. Wonderful teachers at his school who organized this trip.