Saturday, March 08, 2008

Fibrefest 2008

I laid out all my Fibrefest goodies & realized I don't have a camera. The old one has no juice because the battery pack went to Europe as the back-up battery.

Oh well.

It was a fun day as usual. Lots of gabbing with old friends and made new ones. It's always fun to run into people I haven't seen since last Fibrefest. It was at a new place this year and it was a bit of an adventure finding it. Other than that, it was still fun.

Since there will be no pictures, I'll just list out the stuff:

From Princess Farms:
2 - 100 gms skeins of 60/4 cotton & silk
2 - 100 gms bags of Cria baby alpaca roving in grey (so soft!)
2 - 50 gms handdyed stretched merino roving (you have to see this stuff!)

Misc Venders:
Handdyed superwash merino & tencel roving
220 Cascade wool (for my swatches)
Trekking sock yarn
Dark brown alpaca roving from Sterling Farms
M&K Eco Cotton
Four Harness Huck booklet by Evelyn Neher
1 Schacht slim boat shuttle

The only thing I had on my shopping list this year was to pick up some yarn to do the swatches for the Jean Wong workshop. The rest was just to go & see what was tempting...and there was a lot to be tempted with.

When I got home, dinner was already made.

Then I spent some time on WoW. Usually, I muck around with one of my son's lower level characters but I decided it was time I had my own. I'm Thymeformom on Moonrunner. :D

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  1. I made it on Saturday and my first purchase was some beautiful merino/tencel roving from Princess Farms.

    Came home with 2 more spindles and a felted bag pattern and that was it. I think I was quite well behaved.

    The Princess did give me a magnet which was very sweet of her!