Monday, January 30, 2006

Happy Monday!

Oh my! What is this?! Is that blue I see peeking out? I've lost track of how much rain we've had. Blech! Lunch time was spent outside by the water, knitting the *Damn Socks* aka Chevron Lace socks.

This is 1.2 kgs of Gotland in all its sheepy goodness. Not quite the fullbodied sheepness of some of the other fleece I've brought home but enough to get strange stares on the bus home tonight. In my perfect world, I'm going wash this fleece and sort it by the colour variations. Then I'm going to spin and knit a shawl, using the Illusion Knitting technique. This will be done as soon as I win the lottery so I can devote 36 hours a day in the pursuit of fibre happiness. yup.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Happy Chinese New Year!

It seems appropriate that I decided to return to my Knit Blog on Chinese New Year.

So many things symbolizes prosperity and long life in the Chinese culture. Abundance of good things is obvious at this time of the year. Fibre was probably not what they had in mind but seems appropriate here. My newest fleece - 3 pounds of sheepy-smelling brown Shetland. It's gorgeous!

I was hoping to have it all washed and drying by the end of the weekend. Unfortunately, the weather was the typical Vancouver weather - rain and lots of it. Other than the very brief bit of blue skies on Saturday morning, it was rain and wind all weekend. The second best thing to do was just to sort through the fleece and pack it away for another day. I spent as much of the weekend as I could flick teasing the Polworth and carding it into batts on the drum carder. I want to line my floor with these batts and roll around on them nekkid. They are that soft!

Note to self: change drums and blend some silk with the Polworth.