Monday, January 30, 2006

Happy Monday!

Oh my! What is this?! Is that blue I see peeking out? I've lost track of how much rain we've had. Blech! Lunch time was spent outside by the water, knitting the *Damn Socks* aka Chevron Lace socks.

This is 1.2 kgs of Gotland in all its sheepy goodness. Not quite the fullbodied sheepness of some of the other fleece I've brought home but enough to get strange stares on the bus home tonight. In my perfect world, I'm going wash this fleece and sort it by the colour variations. Then I'm going to spin and knit a shawl, using the Illusion Knitting technique. This will be done as soon as I win the lottery so I can devote 36 hours a day in the pursuit of fibre happiness. yup.

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  1. Hi, I came to respond about the casein needles. :)

    I have only used them for that one hat so far, but I really like them. They are smooth and I didn't get hand fatigue at all, and I liked the way the points are shaped. They have a bit of a smell at first, and if you have a habit of holding one in your mouth now and then like I do, they taste horrid and the smells is strong then as well.

    They aren't as smooth as Addis, but they aren't quite as grippy as bamboo either. A good in between. I am sure I'll order another pair in time. :)