Saturday, March 31, 2007

Not for the faint of heart...

Being not of sound mind and body on Friday, I decided to tackle one of my WIP boxes.

After close to three hours of untangling and rewinding, I got this...

Not all the WIPs have been reclained but at least, everything is untangled. Amber, I really could have used your help on Friday.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Nothing new or exciting here...

It's another rainy Saturday and Crazy Man is out running. Nothing new or exciting here today. Just doing a bit of laundry & knitting. The sleeves are almost done for the purple sweater. No pictures since it's so dark and dreary outside and I don't want to set up the lights.

Maybe I'll wander up to the LYS later & see if there's anything interesting there. :D

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Patty's Day!

For those of us living in the Lower Mainland of BC, here's something to look forward to. It's ugly out there today.

Just a reminder that it's going to get better.

It was unexpected that I have the house all to myself today. Son was called in to work early and Hubby went running. Yeah, he's crazy that way.

My plan for today will be to continue on with my list from yesterday. I can cross off a few things on yesterday's list. Finally finished the top of the cardigan and started the sleeves. Soap is done and curing.

Friday, March 16, 2007

One day is just not enough!

I have today off from work and here's a list of things I wanted to do.

1. Make a batch of liquid soap. Not sure if this is a good idea. It takes 4 hours of simmering but too late to change my's on the stove now.

2. Finally finish the top of my cardigan so I can start the sleeves. I still have ~2" to go. All the knitting I'm doing on this cardigan seems disappear into the black hole of knitting. I think it doesn't help that I get bored of this after two or three rows.

3. Finish spinning the fibre on my wheel.

4. Make some 1" art squares. I've been meaning to do this since December. I have all the stuff and I have a plan. I just didn't have the time.

5. Carve out my rubber stamps. The blocks are sketched out and ready to be carved. I found all my knives and everything is ready to go. Again, need time. I don't like distractions when I'm carving. I always worry that I'm going to cut myself.

5. Clessidria socks - ok, that one has been on my mind for the last few days. I'm been phoning around to see if any of the LYS has Regia Silk in stock. I have 4 - 1/2lb skeins of superwash merino fingering weight in natural white. One skein is ~112o yds. That might be enough for a pair of socks. I could dye that to use for the socks.

6. Replace the zipper on my jacket. This shouldn't take long since I've already done the tedious work of removing the old zipper.

Did anyone noticed that there's not one mention on this list of cleaning or laundry? :D

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Knitty's Clessidra

It's been a while since anything on Knitty got me this excited! I think I've found my next sock project. I don't just want to knit them now - I want to wear them now!!!

I'm excited enough to post twice in one day!


Spring Ahead already

The one thing (and only one thing) that I used to hated about Spring is Daylight Savings. We lose an hour of our precious weekend. I don't mind when we get the hour back in the Fall. To make matters worse, it's now earlier (today) because WE (not me but our government) wanted to sync up with the US. It's really mucking up the electronics in the house. My cell phone is just not syncing up and it's supposed to do that automatically.

I really don't have anything new or exciting to say. Work is busy. It's a busy time of the year for us. One good thing was that I met Angela of Food and Yarn. She's found a new source of Icelandic fleece! I love running into Knitters at work!

A Wet and Dreary Day!

The Weather Guys weren't kidding when they said it was going to rain all weekend. What you can't see is the rain coming down by the buckets! Nice weather if you're a duck. It's nasty out there today. It's good for the plants, though.

My plan for today is to make a big pot of chicken soup, bake some bread, and try to finish the top of my cardigan. And start the sleeves.

My (crazy) husband's plan is go hit golf balls. He's trying to convince our son to join him. Heh!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

a bit of fibre therapy...

Let's just say, so far, this year has been a very strange year as far as work goes and leave it like that.

Last weekend I went through some of my fibre buckets and found a bag of the Cotswold/silk blend from last year's Fibrefest. I started spinning it and it's really wonderful to spin a beautiful fibre that's so well prepared. Last summer, I had spun up a small sample of this fibre. I found it needed a lot of twist and the single was very stiff and wirey. I wasn't sure I liked it. But after plying, the resulting yarn was much softer and knits up very nicely. I love silk blends in my wool. Silk gives the fabric a nice shine but really hard to photograph.

I'm hoping it will rain all Sunday so I can feel justified in spinning all day long.

This is a Fuzzy Dozen from Fuzzy Mabel. I love it! You buy 12 skiens and they send you 13. Free wool. It's all good. Not sure what this will be yet...just yarn therapy for the moment. I usually have my packages deliverd to me at work. This saves me from having to make a special trip to the post office. In the middle of a bad day, a package of yarn arrives. How cool is that? There's more than enough for a sweater of some sort, eventually.

Our pre-spring weather here has been strange - warm one day and snow the next. The plants don't seem to be affected by temperature fluctuations and continued to do what they do best.