Saturday, March 03, 2007

a bit of fibre therapy...

Let's just say, so far, this year has been a very strange year as far as work goes and leave it like that.

Last weekend I went through some of my fibre buckets and found a bag of the Cotswold/silk blend from last year's Fibrefest. I started spinning it and it's really wonderful to spin a beautiful fibre that's so well prepared. Last summer, I had spun up a small sample of this fibre. I found it needed a lot of twist and the single was very stiff and wirey. I wasn't sure I liked it. But after plying, the resulting yarn was much softer and knits up very nicely. I love silk blends in my wool. Silk gives the fabric a nice shine but really hard to photograph.

I'm hoping it will rain all Sunday so I can feel justified in spinning all day long.

This is a Fuzzy Dozen from Fuzzy Mabel. I love it! You buy 12 skiens and they send you 13. Free wool. It's all good. Not sure what this will be yet...just yarn therapy for the moment. I usually have my packages deliverd to me at work. This saves me from having to make a special trip to the post office. In the middle of a bad day, a package of yarn arrives. How cool is that? There's more than enough for a sweater of some sort, eventually.

Our pre-spring weather here has been strange - warm one day and snow the next. The plants don't seem to be affected by temperature fluctuations and continued to do what they do best.


  1. I just found your blog through the Zimmermania blog and lo and behold, we both live in BC. I am on Vancouver Island, and with just a quick browse through your blog, I guess Vancouver is home.
    I knit up some of Elsebeth's Silky Wool, only to find I cannot wear it close to my skin. What I plan to do, as it is a beautiful jade colour, is to frog it and knit it triple into an EZ Rib Warmer Vest. I have knit three of these vests, and as you can guess, I love them!
    I am not a spinner, but I am not saying I never will be.
    Your daffs are up a bit more than they are here! Not the best winter I can remember on this coast!!

  2. Hi Lavender,

    it was lovely to meet you on Monday. I hope to see you at Fibrefest in May.