Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Clapotis Revisited

Start date: Sept 1/08
Finished date: Sept 15/08
Yarn: 3 x Silk Garden Sock Yarn #S252 Lot A (Blue/Green/Yellow)
Pattern: Clapotis

As much as I love Noro, I absolutely hate all the knots in their yarn. I have yet to use 1 one of Noro without knots. Every single one of these balls had at least 1 knot. One ball had 5 knots!!!

Other than the knots, I love the Silk Garden sock yarn. I would NOT recommend it for socks, though. Even with the high nylon content (25%) I would really be doubtful of using this yarn for socks. Some bits were really thick and some thin bits were really thin. It would make a very uneven sock and would not wear well. I love the way the colours flow from one to the next and the thick/thin-ness of the yarn for the shawl. For the Clapotis, it was perfect! I would consider using this yarn for a light sweater.

I wanted this to be more of a shawl than a scarf so I added extra repeats. I didn't bother counting the repeats. Knit until it looked wide enough, knit the body until it was long enough, and start the decreases to finish.

It was such a nice warm day today that I thought I would leave it outside to dry as it's blocking. A quick wash on gentle cycle in the washing machine after work today and masses of pins and the job is done. I was a bit apprehensive about the washing machine part but it turned out well. As long as the dog doesn't try sleeping on top of it, it should be dried in a couple of hours.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

No such thing as too many bags!

Last February I went on a hunt for the Nameste Laguna bag. I wanted the lime green one. Lime green to match my lime green shoes. Unfortunately, or fortunately, it was on back order. The colour was so poplular the bags would sell out immediately. The store I was going to order it from had no idea when they would get more. They would add me to the waiting list and let me know when it's my turn.

Months went by and I forgot all about the bag...until I walked into Black Sheep Yarns, a new LYS that just opened a few weeks ago. They sell Nameste bags and I promptly ordered one...in Olive Green. After looking at them again, I think the olive would be a better choice if I'm dragging this thing on trains & busses. The bag came today and I love it!

It's not Lime green but it matches my shoes better! The bag really does have room for EVERYTHING!

Husband: How many bags do you need?
My answer: One more than I already have.