Monday, May 01, 2006

Green Silk Noil

This is the happy mistake silk oblong I got last summer. I think I finally found a good way to spin it. The yarn is spun with all the tuffs of silk noil for lots of texture. It was hard trying to take a decent picture because of the way the silk was reflecting the light. I really like the pink and mauve noils in it. The silk dyed really nicely.

Just under an ounce (24.7gm) at 93m, 2-plyed. Not enough for a whole scarf on its own, though. Combined with another yarn, this would make a nice accent for a scarf.

Or, there should be more than enough to knit a little silk bag. Add some beads and shells to embellish and it would be perfect! It would have to be something loosely knitted...something with 3.5mm or 4mm needles, in the round.


  1. Very pretty! I'd love to see it knit up.

  2. Hi from Austria! Oh, this is absolutely beautiful, I love the little colored "specks" in it - looking forward to seeing what you're going to make with it!