Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Cookies and Knitting

I often think of myself as baking-challenged but once in a while I surprise myself (and my family) with a batch of decent cookies. There were three dozen cookies in there this morning. I got tired of forming perfectly round cookie balls (and they just melt into one big cookie anyway) that I mashed the remaining cookie dough into the bottom of the pan and made a cookie sheet. Rectanglar cookies tastes just the same as round cookies.

How you spin does matter...

I gave myself a small project to do this past weekend. I wanted to see how the twist holds up when knitted. Two batts of Romney were spun long draw. The sample on the left is spun S singles and plyed Z. The sample on the right is spun Z and plyed S. Both samples were knitted with 4mm needles over 16 stitches. The S/Z sample yarn did untwist and split during knitting. The Z/S sample's twist held up nicely.

There were a few other things I noticed...The Z/S sample is softer. I'm not sure if you can tell in the picture but the S/Z is slightly darker in appearance. It was just the way it caught the light. The S/Z sample was much stiffer feeling and the stitches are not as clean and even looking. I guess it does make a difference how you spin the yarn.

Worldwide KIP

June 10th, everyone.

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