Monday, May 15, 2006


I think I'm in some kind of fibre slump. I'm surrounded by fibre and yarn and I have nothing to knit. I have 2 pairs of socks partially done and may be destined to be lonely single socks...if I ever get around to finishing the first sock! And to make matters worse, someone (you know who you are) at the Guild meeting was waving her knitted cotton/wool ankle socks around. And in my usual manner, I've been distracted and now thinking how nice it would be to knit ankle socks for the summer.

The Madli shawl is coming along ever so slowly. I would knit a few rows here and there. By my estimate, I have about 3/4 more to knit. I love the pattern. The wool is so nice and light and soft. The problem is that it catches on my hands - a lot. I've tried lemon juice, sugar/oil scrub, slathering buckets of hand lotions - nothing works for very long. My goal is to finish knitting it by this weekend so I can block it. Hahahah!

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  1. Doncha hate it when they wave around pretty stuff you'd like to knit? There oughta be a law against that sort of thing. Very pretty shawl and don't worry, all socks eventually get their mates. Sometimes it just takes a very long while. ;)