Sunday, March 19, 2006

Pomatomus Socks

Pomatomus Socks in Fleece Artist superwash merino sock yarn, colourway - Marine. Knitted with 2.75mm Bryspun double pointed needles. Heels and toes knitted with 2mm CP bamboo double pointed needles.

I was very concern that I wouldn't have enough yarn for the pair. FA yarn measured 330m (wound on my niddy noddy) and the pattern called for 350m. I knew it was going to be very close. I'm the type of person that would buy more than the pattern called for. If the pattern suggested 10-12 balls, I think I need 15 but I would by 20 just in case. Doing it toes up would have been a good idea but I wasn't sure how the pattern would translate. I kept to the pattern mostly. It was pretty tense as I got to the heel of the second sock!

I would definetely make this pattern again. I think I would use either the hourglass heel or afterthought heel. Having made these once, I can see that the socks can be done toes up. The socks fit snug on my feet and baggy at the ankles...just the way I like socks.

The ridges were interesting. If you turn the fabric one way, you can see the ridges. The fabric looked flat if you turn it around. It's a fun stitch pattern that I can see many other uses...perhaps a shawl or a scarf?


  1. Beeewetiful! I love your new socks... Man, you knit so fast. I've been wanting to try that pattern for a while, but discovered that I'm suffering from that SSD. Ugh. I think I have six different socks on the go right now.

  2. Ohh - goody - I wanted to start these socks but I like Toe up - can you email me with some pointers? Should I just do a short heel method to start with and then the pattern? Would love to hear from you.

    Thanks so much....I await in anticipation. (no pressure heh heh)

  3. I love the socks! Pomatomus is one of my favorites. This is my first time to your blog, I too have a graveyard of craft supplies from past flirtations with other hobbies. What can I do? It's an obsession.

  4. Your socks came out great. I would love to knit them. I even started them but, I like knitting socks toe up. If you have any pointer on how they can be knit toe up please share.

  5. Socks look fab! I like toe ups too! Point me to the pointers, please? theshizzknit at gmail dot com

  6. Your Pomatomus socks look beautiful in that Fleece Artist yarn!