Monday, March 27, 2006

Further Adventures in Sock World

Now I regret not knitting both socks together. I wanted to see how the pattern would look with this yarn. If I knit both socks together, it would have taken me twice as long to get to this point. Just in case I didn't like it and have to frog it.

I do like the yarn and the pattern. Once I got the lace repeat charted, it was a breeze. I'm not good with teeny tiny print. Much MUCH prefer charts to written instructions.

The toe up Pomatomus will be next. I dyed some more yarn on the weekend and was pretty happy with the results...or at least, most of it. One skein is definitely destined to become the next Pomatomus. (One skein will be re-dyed, thanks to Felicia's suggestion.)

Here's my thought:

I was flipping through the latest issue of Interweave Knit and wondered why did the designer of Simply Lovely Lace Socks made them in two different colours. At first, I was annoyed by this blatant attempt to get us to buy more yarn. But after giving it some thought, I thought maybe she had something there.

So many of us suffer from SSD. We all have 1 or 2 (or more) single lonely sock waiting for a mate. Take Karen Baumer's idea of mismatched colours and go further with it - why stop at wearing two different colour socks and why not wear two totally different design socks? Not only would you be in the latest knitting fashion but really cutting edge of knitting fashion!

Socks that match are highly overrated.

P.S...Dear Anonymouses: Yes, I know the socks are two different patterns. It was just me being silly, with all the talk about Second Sock Disorder. But I am seriously thinking I should start wearing my single lonely socks and perhaps start a new fashion trend.


  1. Nice to see that I'm not the only one. But hey, have you been sticking your UFsocks in my basket?!

  2. Wait a dog gone minute. Did you go from the sock yarn being dyed on March 25 to that sock on the 27th?? Do you ever sleep? (grin)

  3. Anonymous12:06 pm

    They are 2 different sock patterns. The only reason they show 2 different colored socks is to show the 2 different patterns. It isn't that the designer made the same sock in 2 different colors.

  4. Anonymous12:08 pm

    2 different patterns.

    Simply Lovely Lace Socks Karen Baumer
    Two patterns in one—make these socks in different yarn weights.