Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Madli Shawl

I have finally finished plying the yarn for the Madli Shawl! The finished yarn is a little bit thicker than the sample skein but I think it will work better. This is more like the recommended yarn. The shawl knits up quickly except for the nupps....not to be confused with neps. Nupps are several knit and yarn over stitches all in one stitch. This pattern requires nupps of 7! It was driving me crazy, trying to purl through all 7 loops so I changed it to 5. A bit better but still tedious. Changed to 3 nupps and hated it.

Life without nupps...

Round Two

I still didn't like how the nupps were looking and did a full repeat without nupps. It was much better so I took a deep breath and ripped it out. The yarn is a two-plyed attempt at evenly spun lace weight. There's a bit of over twisting and some thick & thin sections. Overall, it seems fairly balanced. I haven't set the twist yet. That will be done when I block the shawl.

I don't know if it's the fibre (Polworth) but the yarn is snagging on my matter what I do. I did the sugar scrub, hand lotion, lemon juice, a layer of lanolin. Nothing is working. Silk wasn't this bad. I don't recall the sample skein and swatch being this bad.

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