Friday, March 10, 2006

More hats

I'm still knitting hats. I thought I might finish up the wool I bought just for the Olympic hats. I'm doing hats because I'm at a loss what to knit next. I guess I could finish one of the zillions of UFO's lying around upstairs. I thought perhaps another shawl. But that means I have to finish plying the Polworth. (Plying together two bobbins of lace weight takes a very LONG time!)

What I really want to do is a sweater with lots of twists and cables. But I can't seem to decide on a pattern. But I want to knit this with my own handspun...which means more carding, spinning, plying. All which I love doing but I need instant gratification right now.

I think another pair of socks should be next. I'm thinking of Pomatomus. I think I need a trip to Urban Yarns this weekend.

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