Sunday, February 12, 2006

Olympic Knitting - Day Three

It's coming to the end of Day Three here in BC. It's been an exciting 3 days here, with watching the Canadian Women's Hockey games and speed skating.

I've outdid myself and accomplished 6 (count them!) hats!! I know once the work week starts, I may not have enough time to knit so this weekend was devoted to hat knitting.

While I'm off to a pretty decent start, I hope I haven't peeked too soon. That's still another 10 hats in 13 days to go. As in any long distance sport, I must remember to pace myself.

I've been using up some of my hand-dyed handspun yarns. It's been fun taking the small skeins and matching them up in different colour combinations. The non-handspun hats are brighter but the handspun hats are definitely much softer. I still have to weave all the loose ends in and block. Maybe I'll do that tonight to give my hands a break.

Mr. Olympic Knitter has been very supportive. He offered to drive me up to the yarn shop yesterday. He wanted to make sure I had enough yarn! LOL!


  1. your Olympic support team Rocks ! wow, imagine a Volunteer to take you to the yarn shop!

    by the way, loved your "about me" remark. (keeps me from killing people who annoy me)
    you might want to check out the
    dorothy Parker poem i posted last week on my blog. i think you might like it.

  2. Wow, Mr. Olympic Knitter sounds amazing - that's exactly what a knitter needs, no?
    I love the hats you've been doing, such great colors - keep up the good work!