Friday, February 17, 2006

Day of Rest

Today is truly Day Ate. I've been eating all day. It's someone's 65th birthday so there was cake. A big monster size CHOCOLATE cake! And then the lunch. And then the afternoon meeting and someone brought delicious homemade CHOCOLATE muffins! And my boss is back and gave out big Purdy's CHOCOLATE hearts! I'm a chocoholic. I can eat styrofoam if it's covered with chocolate...especially DARK chocolate.

9 hats finished. Tonight I will treat myself to a break and work on some other fibre project. Just a little one...I promise! I'm going to finish the ribbing of my Forever socks (aka Chevron socks). Even ribbing was exciting to do after a week of hat knitting.

I'm eagerly waiting the arrival of my new rosewood needles. I've never tried these before but have heard good things about them. I'm intrigued by the black cord. The claim is that the cord doesn't coil up like other circulars. I'm game to try anything at least once.

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  1. Mmmmmmm, chocolate. I think I need to pop out to the store now for some snackies for later!