Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Day Six

Day Six and 7 finished hats. There was a false start and some frogging was needed. Hat 8 is back on track and on the homestretch with just the ribbing to finish up. I'm hoping to gain back my lead this weekend with some power knitting.

Unfortunately, a box came today with the rest of my Kidsilk Haze yarn order. There is nothing on this earth like this stuff! I'm having a difficult time not casting on a new project.

I guess you can tell I found a Candy Heart maker. These things are lots of fun!


  1. Lavendar, you are making amazing progress on your hats. Congrats! Like you, I can't seem to stop thinking about new projects!

  2. Lavender your just whipping along on those hats, great job. I love the candy hearts, more wool and need yarn soo perfect.