Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Warping Board

We made a warping board last weekend. Ok...hubby cut, drilled, and hammered while I did the measurements and supervised. :D

I got the free plan & instructions from allfiberarts.com. We had to make a few modifications because we couldn't find the right size oak boards. The plans and instructions were easy to follow even for us un-handy types. The board works well. It still could use another light sanding and one more coat of finishing though.

Now I can wind longer warps for yarn painting too! :)

I still haven't found my charts yet. Unfortunately, they were my own. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I left them at work.

July 14/13 - Edited to add: the measurements between the pegs on the long side is 10" from centre to centre of the pegs. The measurements between the pegs on the shorter side is 4" from centre to centre.  It looks like All Fibre has updated their plans to show the measurements better. After all these years, I still use my warping board. Not just for weaving but handy for winding out long lengths of anything.


  1. DH made both of my warping boards (small & large) but they aren't nearly as nice wood as your oak!

  2. I'm impressed with your warping board! Since I can't read all the plan measurements on the link you provided (allfiberarts.com...some are too small to read),would you mind sharing some of the measurements you used? ie. spacing between dowels?

  3. Hi,

    Very nice work. I'll echo the request for peg spacing! The all fiber arts plans do look easy, but I can't make out the spacing that they have.