Sunday, January 13, 2008

Warning: Bright Colours!

Really didn't do much, kniting-wise. I just made another ear for the Sock Monkey and sewed that on. Now all I have to do is knit another ear & he's done. Not sure why I keep procrastinating on this. Poor monkey.

I've been working on the weaving off & on today.

I really like the gradual colour changes of the Kauni wool. You can see the little mistake when someone was talking to me as I was weaving. I'm not at that point where I can talk and weave at the same time. I thought about un-weaving to fix that but the thought of picking out all that was just too daunting. I had to un-weave 3 rows and that almost killed me. I was thinking of repeating that "mistake" and call it a design feature. :D

I have the yarn wounded on the bobbins in the order it came off the ball. This way, I can try & keep the colour sequence and have the colours gradually fade from one to the next. The bag was the inspiration for the pattern. I couldn't figure out how to to do the the horizontal stripes between the diamonds so I kept it simple.

Thankful for:
1. I'm thankful my family is whole and intact.
2. Wool comforters.
3. My sister.


  1. Wow! That looks amazing. Missed you on Sunday. I got beads for my first Ice Queen though! Homecraft importers was pretty cool. The shop lady was so nice and so much of an enabler! Hilarious.

  2. Pretty colours! There is a fast way to undo a couple of inches but it destroys the weft you've used back to that point. You CAREFULLY clip straight between the warp threads from the fell (last weft pick) to the mistake repeating every few inches along the width. Then you just pull out all the loose threads, join in your weft again and carry on weaving.

  3. ohmigod, i LOVE it! those colors and the pattern is incredible.