Monday, November 26, 2007

Pithy details of the loom

There really isn't anything more boring in this world than sitting through 8 hours of WCB regulations. That was my day today. I think my brain melted and leaked out of my ears around 2pm. How I made it to 4:30pm without falling asleep and, thereby, falling off my chair and embarassing myself, I don't know.

Anyway, here's a couple pictures of my Minerva. I removed the really bad tape marks off with something called GOOP OFF! It smelled really toxic but it was my last resort. I used oil and got a little bit off. Next came vinegar and that took off a bit more. Murphy's oil soap got the loom nice and clean but didn't do much for tape marks. I tried Citrisolv and that worked for most of it. The hardcore stuff like GOOP OFF! removed the final really dried crusted tape.

It's not an 8 harness but 4 harness. It has slots for another 4 and it looks like it should be easy to install should I go that route. I emailed Leclerc and they said I can still get harnesses for it. The total width is 25.5" and 39" tall. Fully opened, it sits 34" long. It's a nice little loom.

I think I will get a new reed for it. It's going to take me a while to clean the rust off the other ones. I want to start weaving NOW!

Thankful for:
1. Having so much to be thankful for that it's hard to pick 3 things.
2. No snow yet.
3. Random kindness of strangers - Dunn's Tailor seamstress.


  1. Anonymous3:42 pm

    If you really focus, you know you can clean a reed in an evening; can't you? And that's faster than you can get it from Leclerc. I've got to admit to being jealous. If I were there, I'd help you clean it. I hope you keep posting the photos because I'm enjoying them. Thanks.

  2. Anonymous5:32 pm

    Hi - you can clean your wood LeClerc loom with Sunlight dish soap. I used some on mine to remove sticky tape that the previous owner had put on the front beam. Like you I tried various products, but put the soap on, let it sit for a couple minutes then using wet towel scrub it off!

  3. Hi, I did a close up look at your loom and it looks as clean as a whistle :o) I was looking for some information about cleaning my reeds to make them look new (any suggestions ?) .my loom is an old nilus11 Leclerc it's an oldy but i love it,,and the wood of it is still beautiful, I cleaned it up with some Bees wax...