Thursday, November 22, 2007

Funny string pictures

This is where the cord is. It's nicely chained and out of the way. One diagram I came across had this attached to the friction brake wheel.

But there's another cord that's attached to the brake wheel on the botton. This is attached to the lever and it's working well.

The missing crank is for winding on the warp. I think I can find a socket that will do the job for now.

Thankful for:
1. Full moon - it's really beautiful out tonight.
2. Warm woolly mittens - it was really cold today!
3. Cheese nachos.


  1. Anonymous9:52 am

    Eight-harness, very nice! It looks like a floor loom. Am I right? And that cord that's chained up, I don't remember ever seeing one before. Seeing the photos brings back memories. Have you succeeded in getting the masking tape gum off? I know it's awkward when I don't have an account, but Google rarely recognizes my password, so I've mostly given up.

  2. Too cute! I used to weave on a borrowed Minerva and it was a very nice, if rather small, loom. And try goo-gone or some other of the citrus-based solvents to get off the masking tape stuff! Have fun weaving!