Monday, July 10, 2006

Soccer and Knitting just don't mix!

Italy won the World Cup and the month-long soccer fest is over for another 4 years. It's been fun. Soccer is really the only sport I watch...and even so, my understanding of it is limited. I enjoy the game for what it is.

I can't help but wonder if it would be better to come in third place than lose to second. Germany won and they were ecstatic! I'm sure there was a lot of celebrating that night. France came in second and they all looked like someone killed their cat. Second in the world is really not bad but I guess it's all psychological...losing to second place and winning third place.

One thing to remember for next World Cup - it's really not a good idea to knit lace and watch exciting games at the same time. Saturday's match between Germany & Portugal resulted in frogging back 7 rows - that's 1,400 stitches. I wasn't paying attention and a couple of misplaced yarnovers shifted the pattern over.

The house has been prepped and ready for painting today. Another week and I'm off on vacation! I've been thinking of what fibre projects to bring with me. A quick easy sock project for traveling. Spinning wheel is coming but haven't decided on the fibre yet. Probably my lace just in case. I'm deciding whether to bring the Sweater Surprise or start a new sweater. The Sweater Surprise is almost done...just need to finish the sleeves and sew everything together. I think I need a new sweater project.

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