Friday, July 28, 2006

Knitting Rambles

The weather is certainly different today. Much MUCH cooler! I'm actually glad that we're expecting rain this weekend. This picture came from the weathercam on Jericho Beach.

Last night I was tidying up my Stuff Room. I needed to find some space for my brand spanking new Triple Picker that's coming home on Saturday. I found way too many UFOs lying around. And these were not the ones that have been laying around for the last 20-plus years...current projects from the last six months. Three sets of unfinished socks...that's what happens when I knit one sock at a time. I always change the pattern as I knit and I always forget what changes I've made. AND I always tell myself that I'll remember because it's only one little change. Hahahaha!! They have now been reconstituted back into skeins and gone back into the stash.

I've tried keeping a knitting notebook with me. Over the years I think I've purchased as many little notebooks as I have UFOs. The problem is that I'm not consistant in using them. I have good intentions but bad follow-through. The notebook is always in another part of the house or in another bag when I need to jot something down. Pages get wrinkled or ripped out when the notebook is stuffed in the bottom of my bag. Maybe the problem is not the notebook but a better knitting bag. I'm still searching for the PERFECT knitting bag. I don't want a big one to carry ALL my knitting stuff...just one that's big enough for my current project that I can carry around the house, small enough to fit in my backpack to take to work. I have many bags that came close but just not quite right when I use them for a while.

So you see, it's not my fault that I'm not finishing things. I need to go shopping for a better bag...or a new notebook.

I think it's just easier to knit both socks together at the same time.

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