Thursday, August 23, 2012


21 1/2 hrs to the launch of Guild Wars 2!  Normally, I don't get this excited about any games nor do I care if I played the Beta or not.  Usually, I prefer not to play the beta because it ruins the game for me.  You see everything in the imperfect version.  Not much is left when the game actually launches for real.  Guild Wars is so not like that.  The beta was fantastic!  There is so much to do, it's going to take me a very long time to play this game.  It's like everything I didn't like about WoW fixed. Tomorrow, after work, we're going out for dinner.  Then I'm going to plunk myself down in front of the computer and play until my eyeballs fall out.  I can because I'm a grown-up.  :)

Double Squee!!

I'm going to get an iPad!  I'm going to wait until September to see the new release and decide what (and if) I want an iPad.  I've heard rumours that the new iPhone is a bit bigger this release and that might mean the new iPod Touch would be bigger too.  Wasn't sure if I wanted an iPad - too big for me to carry around.  I love the portability of my iPod Touch but really do wish the screen's a bit bigger.  Something bigger than the Touch and smaller than the iPad would be so perfect!  Despite my love for my iPod Touch, I don't want an iPhone.

My concern is that if the iPad is too big, would I use it as much as I use my Touch?


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