Monday, August 06, 2012

Friday Was A Super Exceptional Tremendous Great Day!

A good day is a sunny Friday before a long weekend. A great day is that Friday is also the day before a week long vacation. A super day is when your boss says “it’s a long weekend…let’s shut down at noon today.” A super exceptional day is when you just found out that the Monday boots you bought on sale two days ago are now reduced by another $50.00! A super exceptional tremendous great day is when you go back to the store, they give you a store credit for the difference and you see the wizard shoes you also wanted are now marked down even more! And they have the colour you wanted in the size you needed!!
It was a super exceptional tremendous great day! :)

Summer Shower

Thankful for:
1.  We had a very much needed quick summer rain shower.It has cool down the air quite a bit.
2.  A week off!
3.  Washed puppy.

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