Monday, August 20, 2012

Meet Pink Ivory

Is it possible to love an inanimate object?  I love my new Jenkins Lark. It's a tiny Turkish Spindle.  A little thing, weighing in at 27 gms and barely 6" tall. 

I love spindles and while I don't have as many as some people, I do have a few.  I don't spin on them.  I love them for the beauty of the wood and the craftsmanship.  You can tell they're all made with love and a lot of care.  In the hands of a decent spinner, I'm sure they will produce beautiful yarns.  In my hands, not so much.  I just don't have the patience to master this skill.  After a while, I'm frustrated and go back to my wheel, just to prove to myself that Yes, I do know how to spin.  After half an hour, I have this:

Pink Ivory Lark
The spindle is light and very easy to spin.  I love the small size.  I'm already planning a carrying case so I can take it with me.  If there's a spindle out that that would inspire me, it would be this one...until the next shiny thing comes along.  :)

And now for something completely different:  Cheese.  I love fresh cheese.

Fresh goat cheese
I found a place that sold fresh farmer's cheese.  Really yummy stuff.  Then I discovered how easy it was to make your own (recipe found online).  It was one of those "what do you have to lose except a couple of bucks worth of milk?" moment.  Half an hour later, I have cheese.  Rather, I had cheese.  Most of it is gone now.  Great on bagels and crackers.  I would make this again.

Things I'm thankful for:
1.   Very thankful that the Boy and his friends made it to San Francisco with no problems.  Got an email from him that all is well and they've checked in their hotel.  The mom in me will worry until he's home.

2.  Four more sleeps to Guild Wars 2!   Rumour has it that it's going to launch 3 hour early.  That means Friday night at 9pm PST!  Glad I live on the Westcoast.  :)

3.  New spindle toy to keep me occupied for the next couple of days. I'm really looking forward to GW2 launch.  Usually I don't like playing the beta because it's usally kinda wonky and it spoils the game for me.  But there is SO much to this game that I don't think I would be bored with it for a very long time.  It makes WoW blech in comparison.

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