Sunday, May 18, 2008

It's not raining!

I just didn't think of it but this long weekend would have been perfect for blocking my grey cardie. Someday, it will be done.

Finished the Monkey Socks and the heels match! The temp yesterday was 24 degC. Today is looking a bit cooler but still not sock weather. But I'm ready.

Next OTN will be another pair of Elfine Socks. Not only is it a great pattern but I love the book reference.

The Spirogyra are well on the way. The right hand is done except for the thumbs and I'm up ~1/3 on the left hand. I spend too much time on WoW.

It's going to be a strange day today. My son's grad is this evening so from 4pm onwards, I'll be a basket case. As hard as it is, you gotta let go sometime.

Thankful for:
1. Beautiful weather and shady backyards.
2. A fantastic kid for a son.
3. Fibre distractions.

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