Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Dog, Fibre, and Chocolate

I asked my husband to remind me how much we love the dog. My one week off is slowly turning into a week of carpet cleaning, thanks to him...the dog, not the husband. On Monday, as I was cleaning one area, the dog was busy throwing up in another room. Today, same thing. It's really not his fault. He's old and he eats too fast. Add that with the household upheaval of moving furniture, etc, he throws up.

Yeah, barf is not good blog material.

On to fibre stuff...

Last night was the last class for weaving but I signed up for another session in January. I did learn a lot in this class. Considering that I knew nothing at the start, I think I've come a long way and still have much more to learn. Now, I know what is the difference between weft and warp.

The Christmas Knitting has been picked up again. I'm halfway through the fingers for the first glove. Fingers knit up fast but are tedious. You have to knit them one at a time. The cuffs for the second pair have been started.

I've added a new project to the list...a knitted teddy bear. I couldn't resist when I saw the Blue Sky Suri alpaca sitting in a basket at Three Bags Full last week. It just looked so bear-ish.

I think the carpet is dry enough to go move the furniture back now. This afternoon was going to be devoted to chocolate making but I'm out of chocolate. Not true...I'm out of the chocolate discs. I have a slab of Valrhona but don't feel like chipping it. It might be a quiet afternoon of knitting instead.

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