Friday, August 10, 2007

Thai food

I love Thai food and my husband doesn't care for it at all. That's because he's never had REAL good Thai food. There's a new Thai restraunt in Coquitlam that's been getting a lot of buzz lately - Chada Thai. Well worth a visit to this restraunt. A tiny little place (used to be a vitamin store) across from Taco Bell, next to a fish & chip shop. If you blink, you'll walk right past it. The food was amazing! At the end of the meal, I asked hubby what he thought and he said he really enjoyed the food and wouldn't mind coming back! Yah! Finally a Thai restraunt that serves good Thai food and it's close to home!

1 comment:

  1. I totally agree. Not a dot of ketchup in the Pad Thai. Try the chef's specials. I couldn't stand the taste of coconut milk in savoury dishes until I went to this restaurant.

    Btw, I really enjoy your blog. I work in tech support and I knit during the difficult calls, I'd say it has kept me from making a permanent dent in my forehead (from banging it on my desk)!