Sunday, August 05, 2007

Computer is fixed!

This is why it's good to have a teenage kid! Tell him that it may take weeks before you'll have time to look into the computer problem and he will fix it out of desperation. Heh!

This is the silk I'm hoping to spin up for the Mystery Stole but I'm not sure if I want something varigated for the stole. I have some plain white laceweight merino that I was thinking of using instead.

I've knitted another 10 rows since this picture was taken. I'm not sure why I'm not all that interested in this sweater right now. Usually I'm all over cables. This is the Merino/Alpaca from

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  1.!!! And right in my backyard?!!

    Um. I'm in trouble. Wow, I love cables too!


    (And thanks for your comments on my blog about my crappy day!! Hee hee, what are you going to do?!!)