Sunday, November 26, 2006

A Snow Day!

I love snow! My son loves snow! My husband HATES snow - he has to work in it.

It started Saturday afternoon and have been snowing on & off until today. I heard in other parts of the Lower Mainland area, they got LOTS of snow! I saw on the news a snowplow skidded off the road. I love snow - even more so right now because I have the next 10 days off! Right now, it's beautiful! Eventually it will start to melt and turn into the ugly grey lump, sitting on the edge of the curb, but right now it's beautiful and clean!

Now is the time for a bit of rest and getting the house ready for the holidays. Interesting post at Damselfly's blog. Not being a religious person, I've always struggled with what to call this time of year. I've tried other titles but have decided long time ago to just use Christmas. It's the name of the season, just like "Winter" or "Summer". It doesn't have any deep religious meanings for me but it does represents a time for reflection of the old year and the start of the new. I love all the hoopla that goes with this time of year - the music, the food, the sense of being part of a greater tradition. The three of us (me, hubby, & son) have our own family traditions - little things that we love doing. Over the years, we've simplified our Christmas - we have a tree decorating at my sister (mid December), dinner at my mom's on Christmas Eve, Christmas dinner with Hubby's family at our place and that's it. If anything else comes up, we see how we feel. As for presents, we buy for the kiddies (nieces & nephews). We used to draw names for the adults but stopped that years ago. Most of the things I want or need are so specific (fibre related) that it's better I buy my own.

I think stressing over what to call this season is the last thing anyone should be doing. Do things you enjoy and cut out the things you don't. Everyone else can learn to chill out.

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  1. I wondered if you were at the Stones show on Saturday! I remembered you saying how the reschedule had wreaked havoc with your month. It was a great and amazing spectacle to behold. I had never been to an event of that size and was quite blown away.

    As for my Christmas tree (I use Christmas too, also not religous. It's just what the season is called for me), it's in a stand like a normal tree. I understand when these were popular in the 12th century that the tree was hung upside down from the rafters of the room. Something about it representing the Holy trinity because of the inverted triangle?!?!?!? Anyway, it's worked out great for us.

    You should have seen us try to put it together though. Our brains are so hardwired about how a tree "should" be that we just couldn't switch everything around and build it. Took forever!