Friday, November 10, 2006

Books and Bears

I was going through some bags and found this little guy. I made him years ago when I used to make miniature teddy bears. This one is special because it's a No-No Bear. When you move his tail, his head turns as if he's shaking his head to say No-No. He's about 3 1/4" tall. I loved making little bears but it was really hard on my hands. The stitches were so tiny - about 35 stitches per inch by hand. Once in a while, I would try again but I just don't have that dexterity anymore.

I've been inspired by the beautiful books at to try the Coptic stitch. It took a bit of research to find out just exactly what is the Coptic stitch. As far as I can tell, the basic coptic is a chain stitch and there are zillions of variations of it.

The basic stitching wasn't hard but I ran into some problems trying to attach the back cover and the last signature at the same time. I think if I had three hands, I would be ok. The book does open nice and flat but there are very small gaps (~1/4") between the signatures when opened. Is that normal or the results of bad stitching on my part?

Fibre Challenge
We got our bags of assorted fibres last night for the Guild Fibre Challenge. The rules of the challenge is to use all the fibre given. You may add to it, dye it, felt it - whatever it takes to creat a finished project for the February Guild meeting. The Twisted By Choice did a short presentation on properties and ideas using the different fibres.

My first thought was to blend it all together & knit a pair of gloves but that sounds so boring. It's going to be fun trying to come up with creative ways to use this fibre.

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  1. Your bear is amazing! I can't imagine working that tiny. How much fibre did you receive for the challenge? Does the finished item have to be of your own design or can you use an existing pattern/idea? I ran across the fish entrelac mittens last week and they are amazing and look fun to knit.