Sunday, November 12, 2006


It kinda makes you wonder when the highlight of your day is that you made paste. It's really good paste but still paste. Wheat starch paste for bookbinding. I have a couple of test samples drying right now. So far so good. This paste is easy to use and easy to clean up. It doesn't seem as strong as PVA glue but the starch glue is archival quality.

This is a silk noil that I've been spinning for quite a while now. It's taking a long time because I'm still picking out bits of leaves as I go. No matter how thorough I am, I always find clumps of VM tucked away in the fibre. I've pre-picked this fibre several times. It's really beautiful to spin. I love the lumpy bumpy texture of this silk. I have some tussah that I dyed the same colours which I will spin and ply with this.

Good Stress

There's 6.6gms of Alpaca, 6.6gms of Tussah silk, 11gms of Mohair, and 22gms of Polworth in the Guild challenge fibre bag. The fibres are a mix of dyed and natural colours. I have no idea what to do. The good thing is that I have until February. Knowing me, I'll probably procrastinate until the very last minute and stay up all night finishing something.

My sister has a Christmas breakfast every year and we're all expected to show up with an handmade ornament. It's getting harder each year to come up with something creative and original. She was disappointed one year when I showed up with something I've already made her. She tells me she looks forward to seeing what I come up with and she likes my ornaments best. No pressure there.

I have to make a small gift for the Vancouver's Guild gift exchange. I've been told that their standards are high. ACK!! I wonder if I could just spin a couple of skeins of yarn?

At least my mug rugs for the Coquitlam gift exchange are done.


  1. Hope we'll see the Mug Rugs on Wednesday!

  2. Doh! I missed the October GVWSG meeting... what are we doing for the holiday gift exchange?!? Gah.

  3. Hey there!

    Just wanted to tell everyone that I regularly read that I'm having a contest over on my blog. Knit for Dulaan, maybe win some yarn! I would be ever so grateful for any and all mentions. Thank you!

    And, I'm still speechless about how wonderful that bear is!