Saturday, September 23, 2006

My Fall Cable KAL project

It took me many hours this week, going over all my pattern books and magazines, looking for a cable sweater pattern. I had forgotten how many Aran sweater patterns are out there. I found a beautiful classic Aran cardigan pattern that I thought would look great in a cream Misson Falls wool. The one problem I have is that most Aran sweaters are too warm for me. It would be a nice gift for someone. I worked out the yardage and set off to Three Bags Full. Even though I was there only three weeks ago, I still had to fondle and touch everything. It doesn't help that they encourage touching. I fell in love with the purple Lorna's Laces and left with a bag full.

The pattern is a traditional classic Aran with lots of cables and twists throughout the whole sweater. But once I did the swatch, I knew it was not meant to be. The purple, being handpainted, had slight variations of purple all through it. It would have been such a shame to hide it all in a cable sweater. So the new pattern is the Knitty's BPT hoodie.

I think I've made the right choice. The cable is not hard and the sweater is knitting up quickly. There's enough cable work to keep it fun and the colour variations will keep it interesting through the plain bits. If I don't like it after it's done, I can either reknit it into socks (a lot of socks!) or give it away.

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