Friday, September 29, 2006

BPT in Progress

I'm halfway through the body of the BPT sweater. The pattern is for a top down cardigan - my favourite way of knitting a sweater. When you're done, you're really done. No sewing the pieces together. I'm finding this sweater is a very good traveling project at this stage. The cables are very straightforward and I don't need to drag a chart around with me. I think when I get to the sleeves, it will be a bit awkward knitting on transit.

Usually for a top down sweater, I like to put along the back, a few rows of short row shaping for the shoulder. I didn't do that with this sweater because I think the hood will give it extra length in the back.

I know I can get more knitting done if I stop fondling the work in progress every couple of rows. I love this yarn!


  1. It looks great! Rogue is coming along well too. They finally let me into the FCKAL, so I'll put up pics later.

  2. I've always loved the BPT. I can't wait to see yours.