Saturday, August 12, 2006

Pillows and Mug Rugs

The mutant sunflowers are not quite as tall as they were a few days ago. That's because the heads have gotten so large, they're bending over. And there's six flowers now instead of four. The centres reminds me of fly eyes. I know...I'm weird.

Annual Trek

Last Thursday was our 8th Annual Trek. The Annual Trekkers consists of me, my sister, my son, & my neice. Every summer we take one day and play tourist. It always starts with breakfast and Science World (yes, I know it's called Telusphere but it will always be Science World to me) and whatever else that catches our fancy. This year's Science World attraction is the Secrets of the Pharaoh Lego display. Really cool! I kept thinking how I would love a job that lets me play with Lego all day! We all had a great time. The new updated displays were very informative and fun. I'm just a big kid. :) Unfortunately, I think it must have been Day Camp day or something because I think every day camp in the city was there. The place was full of screaming pushy kids - we just ignored them.

The two kids had fun. It was strange to see the two of them together - great hulking teenagers - still enjoying an outing with the moms. Not sure how many more Annual Treks we may have but I'm hoping for at least another year.


As much as I pretend, I'm just not one of those people who start a pair of socks and finish them in 3 days time. The socks I was hoping to have done by Friday are still not done. I might have finished them if I had remembered to bring them with me on the Annual Trek. That's ok. My sister's birthday is not until next week. I can mail them to her. I'm halfway through the feet now.

Thanks to Rusty for the reminder the Guild Pillow Challenge is coming up (Ack! September!). I've gone into Mild Panic Mode trying to think of something. It's a Weavers and Spinners Guild. Since I don't weave, it means I could either spin something and knit it into a pillow or knit something with commercial yarns and full it into a pillow. I like the second choice. Paton's Classic Merino fulls up really really well. And thanks to January One for the Knitted Log cabin idea. The sample swatch fulled into a perfect mug rug size - I'm done for the Christmas exchange too! :D

Do you have yarn in your stash that you absolutely love? That, as soon as you saw the yarn in the store, you just knew it would be perfect for a particular project? That's how I felt about the Elspeth Lavold Hempathy. I knew it would make the perfect cardigan. I told myself I just need to find the right pattern for it. I've tried so many patterns (some I've made up) and nothing seems right. Tried it with different needles. It's just not happening the way I see it in my mind. It keeps telling me that it would make the perfect tank top but I had my heart set on a cardigan. I think it's best if I just re-skein this yarn and put it away for now.

*I'm having problems uploading pics so I'm not going to stress about this.

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  1. Those sunflowers are hilariously huge, I laughed so hard when I scrolled down to take a look.