Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Best two weeks ever!

It had been the most glorious two week vacation ever! The two weeks felt like two months (in a good relaxing way). And being back at work had not been bad at all. This is the first time I've come back from vacation and not have to figure out the mistakes of a CERTAIN MORON. Life is good!

I did a lot of fibre stuff, reconnected with an old aquaintance. (Michelle will be showing her work at Fibre Essence, opening Aug 27th.) Finished the Sister's Plain Jane socks and sent them off in the mail. Finished another pair of Plain Jane socks for myself and casted on for yet another pair of PJ socks. I bought 400gms of this sock yarn so that WILL be a lot of socks. I could dye the yarn but for some reason, it appeals to me to make as many pairs of socks - all the same colour and style. There's no reason, other than I wanted to do this.

I also did a bit of swatching for the Rogue sweater. I've had this pattern for two years and still have not made the sweater yet. I thought I would spin something for it but not sure I like the look. The corriedale lamb is nice and soft but the cables are not as crisp as I would like them to be.

What else did I do? I knitted 36 rows of my lace shawl and unknitted 13 rows back. I still haven't finished the first repeat yet. I think if I ever decide to design another lace shawl, I'll make the pattern repeats smaller. The pattern is 79 rows! That's ok. This one is just the prototype to work out the mistakes.

What I didn't do that was on my list of things to do was re-tile the front entrance. I have the tiles but ran out of time. It's been busy with picking all that fibre, the Annual Trek, knitting socks, spinning, the barbeques, and general lounging around on the deck. I just ran out of time.

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  1. Doh! you just reminded me that I have the Rogue pattern too.... I've been looking for a nice hoodie to knit this fall.

    Sounds like you are nicely rested from your vacation!