Saturday, April 11, 2015

Days 2-5 of the 100 Day Project

Here are the Days 2-5 of the 100 Day Project.  Overall, I'm happy with the outcome. 

Details of my 100 Day Project here.

Day 2/100 - Spooky frog skeleton

The skeleton was drawn on watercolour paper with ink and my little applewood stick.  This was for Reddit's Sketch Daily Spooky Skeleton.  2.5"x3.5" ATC.

Day 3/100 - watercolour landscape

ATC 3.5"x2.5" - watercolour landscape.  This was one of the ones I wasn't sure about until I finished it.  It was a quick colour study of a photo I took in the summer.

Day 4/100 - window

ATC 2.5"x3.5" - Watercolour window of an old building at the defunct Riverside Hospital.  It's the kind of place they use for horror film shoots.  I wasn't sure if this was working in such a small format.  I would like to paint this on a larger sheet next.

Day 5/100 - colour pencil landscape
ATC 3.5"x2.5" - Colour pencil landscape of the same photo as Day 3.  I bought the set of colour pencil and used them only once.  Still need to work on blending the colours better.  I almost didn't post this one but decided good or bad, here it is. 

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