Monday, July 16, 2012

Owl and Pussy Cat

Wow!  I'm on a roll here!  Two posts in two days!

This is my first attempt in trying out the cut-out technique on Sketch Club.  Someone posted the tutorial for this on the Sketch Club forum and I had to try it out.  The shadowing is not quite right but I didn't want to go back and fix that...just wanted to see what the finished product would look like.  Patience is not one of my strong points.  This project gave me a good sense of how the layers work together in Sketch Club and the best way to manage layers.  I'm amazed at the quality of work that people are doing not just on their iPad but on an ipod Touch!  It's a tiny screen.  Go check out some of their work -

Owl and Pussy Cat is a poem by Edward Lear. I remember having to memorize this as a kid.  Funny how some things will stick with you.

Things that makes me happy:

1.  Getting off work on time today.
2.  Greeter Dog - Cas does a very good job at being the Greeter Dog.  There's nothing like a happy puppy greeting you at the door when you walk in. 
3.  Coconut jello - just like it was from a dim sum cart.

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