Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Summer Vacation (so far)

I think it's time for an update...what have I been doing?

1. Dyeing. Lots of it. Mostly silk fibres that I have kicking around for eons. The weather has been nice the first week I had time so it seemed like a good idea. I look at it as stocking up for winter spinning.

2. My BFL came in the mail. I knew it would show up the day after the Twisted met up. Yup, it did. I got my weeks mixed up & thought we weren't meeting up last Wednesday but it was this Wednesday that everyone is away. Sorry ladies, you'll have to wait to get your fibre.
It's so tempting to throw all this into a dyepot and go wild. BTW, it's not all mine. The big bag is mine...5 lbs.

3. Knitting Olympics. Well, this year's Knitting Olympic was less than stellar for me. It was a rough start with me getting my dates mixed up. The yarn was spun up and ready to go when I discovered I misplaced the magazine with the pattern. I ended up winging it which wasn't difficult. The Ribwarmer vest is pretty basic. The problem was that I didn't start knitting until Monday. The Monday in the SECOND week of the games. Oooo! I was cocky! Should be no problem. Then I got distracted by sushi and lunches and fun outings and dye project and other stuff. It's almost done but close enough doesn't win medals. It's going to be hit & miss if I have enough yarn to finish the vest.

4. Played WoW...a lot. My druid is a smidgeon away from level 70. I never thought I would ever get this far when I started playing. It's been fun. You get to level up crafting professions like cooking, fishing, first aid, etc. It's quite an amazing game. I'm not sure what I'm going to do at 70 though. At 70, a whole new game world opens up. I can start playing the high level instances that the BIG BOYS play. You start playing with people who takes the game much more seriously than I do. Ack!

I've been thinking that I might hold off hitting 70 for a little while longer. You get bumped up to the next level of battlegrounds and it's going to be harder going up against other level 70 with their purple epic gear. At 69, I'm at the top of the heap right now. This way, I can get a bit more honour points before hitting 70.

I've also been busy leveling up alts. One of my favourite is the little Gnome Rogue. She's going to be my battleground pro. :D She is such a cutie pie!

Franzenstein, if you're reading this, those are your legs sticking out in the snow.

And it doesn't help that Ravelry has a WoW guild too. Of course I had to start a toon (or two) to play with the Ravelry knitters.

So that pretty much sums up my first two weeks of vacation. Much better than camping in someone's field.

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