Thursday, February 14, 2008

Perendale/Romey fleece

Canada Post is great! Why? Because they bring me all the neat stuff I ordered. Yesterday, 2.5 kg of smelly Perendale/Romney fleece (plus an assortment of silk fibre as well) arrived for me at work in a little itty bitty box. Good thing the people at Treenway pack well. I can just imagine people coming in my office, wondering about the odor. I love the smell of raw fleece. The best part is opening up the package and have all that fleecey goodness explode out of the box. I did that yesterday but didn't have a chance to look through the fleece until tonight. It was a Guild meeting tonight and if it wasn't for the fact that we had a special speaker, I might have decided to stay home to play.

Not sure if I can fit this all back in the box.

The washed sample came out really nice and fluffy. No plans for the fleece yet except wash it this weekend.

I love the colour but that's going to be a lot of grey wool. I might dye some of it. That's what I love about raw fleece...unlimited potential. You can change something at any stage of preparation and that will change your final product.

Thankful for:
1. Kindness of strangers - a very nice bunch of people let me in the line up ahead of them at Costco. The amazing thing was that it was three different groups of shoppers...each with a very full buggy.
2. The person who left a box of Ferrero Roche on my desk. :) Chocolate is always appreciated.
3. Snowdrops in the front garden have started to open.

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