Friday, April 13, 2007

What day is it?

All week long, I've been a day off. Short weeks are great if your workload is shorten to match the short week. Another busy week over. It looks like another two months to go before things will settle down.

One month to Fibre Festival!

The sleeves for purple cardie are still not sewn in yet. I'm seriously considering re-knitting the sleeves right on the sweater. I've never knitted a set-in sleeve right to sweater before. I've done top-down sweaters with raglan sleeves but not sleeves needing shoulder shaping. I did find a couple of website with some good suggestions - Morehouse Farm's knitting tips for armholes and Heartstrings Fiber Arts seamless shoulder-down sleeves.

Am I crazy? I would rather re-knit the darn sleeves than sew them in.


  1. Nope, you're not crazy. I'd rather reknit than sew any day.

    Can't wait for Fibre Festival. I went to Birkland Brothers today to buy a bit o' fibre. Because I ordered a Spindolyn and I need some fibre to try out before I lose my mind at the festival! LOL.

  2. kelly8:55 am

    I vote definitely knit them in! I like doing it better that way, and I like the look better as well.