Friday, April 06, 2007

Spring has sprung!

All the Magnolia buds have thrown off their fuzzy little jackets to enjoy the sunshine! The tree is packed full of pink and white flowers!

PURPLE CARDIGAN V1.3 (aka Fall Cable KAL project)

The plan for this glorious super long Easter weekend? Sew the sleeves to the body and decide on how I would like to finish the edges.

Right now I'm leaning towards quick & easy (crochet edge all around). But this is version 3 of my Fall Cable KAL, in previous reincarnations have been Knitty's BPT and partially knitted Paton's Urban Aran, and I feel slightly guilty that there's not one speck of cable anywhere on this cardigan.

I'm not sure I want to mention what Plan B involves a lot of math and another 50 years of knitting.


  1. gorgeous shot of those blossoms!

  2. I didn't finish my Fall Cable KAL large project either. It sits in the basket and glares at me. I do love that purple colour though. And...if you finish it up you may actually get to wear it a couple of times before the summer sets in.