Sunday, June 11, 2006

Knit In Public

Yes, I did Knit In Public but not at the Official Knit In Public. I opted out to knit at a coffee bar while watching World Cup Soccer with friends. Not sure if that was a good idea, as several rows needed to be "fixed". This is the Sweater Surprise.

In my usual lazy fashion, I'm knitting the two fronts and back together as one piece. The odd uneveness you see is where I put in the faux seam. The yarn is Mandarin Petit 100% Egyptian cotton, knitted on 3.25mm needles. The surprise is I'm not sure how this will turn out since I'm making it up as I go.

I passed on the Langley Fleece sale this year. I have too many fleece that I need to go through. On the other hand, I have decided to get the Pat Green Triple Picker so that means I can process more fleece quickly. I told the hubby that if he wanted his sweater by winter, I'll have to get a Triple Picker. :D Plus, there's no doubt that the Gang will bring fleece back to share from Black Sheep. I don't feel like I'm missing anything from passing on the Langley sale. I have enough Romney.

I know I've always said that I don't like to return yarn. But in a moment of sanity, I decided that the 6 skeins of purple was not really enough for what I wanted. I brought them back to the LYS and exchanged it for 10 skeins of Elspeth Lavold's Hempathy in Citrine. That stuff is really scrumptous to knit with! This weekend, I went back and brought the bag of black. For a cotton/hemp blend, I expected it to be much stiffer but it is really drapey and soft. It knits like silk. Originally, I had thought top-down cardie but now I wanted something to show off the drape of the fabric better. Have to give this one more thought.

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  1. Who all is going to BSG? I am and will be in spinners circle with my Louet S90 with a small bearly on the front wearing a pink tutu, stop by and say Hey.