Saturday, April 08, 2006

Toe Up Pomatomus - Part II

Heels for the Toe-Up Pomatomus

The toe-up Pomatomus has been waiting for the heels for a few days now. I have been carefully considering all options. I usually like the short row heel for toe up socks but part of the charm of the Pom socks is the rib-look heel. I'm going with the heel flap and gusset. It's a bit more work for toe up socks because you have to figure out what goes where.

Work the foot and pattern until 3" from the heel. (The reason I went with 3" instead of 2" is that the foot ended up being way too long for me. I had to frog back and started my heel earlier.) On the sole side, knit 1, increase 1 and knit to 1 stitch before the end, increase 1, knit 1. Next round, knit plain. Alternate the two rows until there's 36 stitches for the sole and there should already be 36 stitche on the top (pattern).

For the last plain round, place marker 1 stitch from the end at both ends. Next round, increase 1 on the outstide of the markers for both ends. At the same time, knit in pattern for the top of the foot. Increase until there's 15 stitches on each sides (outside marker).

For this part, it was easier doing one sock at a time. I took the heel section off my circular and used DPNs. Next round, knit to 1 stitch before marker, knit 2together taking 1 stitch before marker and 1 after marker, place marker back. Turn work and slip the last stitch. Purl to 1 before end of marker and purl 2 together - 1 before and 1 after marker. Do the same thing until all the stitches on the outside of marker is used up. There should be 36 stitches on the sole side.

Now I have the second heel to do.

Continue with leg, using chart A.

Rib and cast off loosely.

See here for Part I

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