Friday, April 14, 2006

A little bit of everything!

I had good intentions. I wanted to finish a few of my socks-in-progress but I got a bit sidetracked.

I really don't think it's humanly possible to buy all that luscious fibre and not spin any of it! This little bit here translate to this...

8 grams, 2 plyed, 64m. I didn't think there was that much on the bobbin. I plied it from a centre pull ball and the colours ended up darker than what was on the bobbin. I'm spinning another sample to see how it will look Navajo plied. It's a 4-day long weekend...I still have plenty of knitting time.

Not Jaywalker Socks

We all knew that I was going to start the Jaywalker socks, right? I got about 5" done when I realized it was way too wide for my feet. And the pattern was not as nice going toe up. It made funny little points (don't laugh, TBC!) I thought the Cheveron socks from Elann would look much better...

The one thing I changed was to add an extra stitch at the end of the top to make 34 stitches instead of 33 in the pattern. This way, I don't have to end with a YO and this kept my stitches nice and neat. There's 3 sets of chevron plus 1 stitch.

1 comment:

  1. I love the way your socks are looking! I tried the Jaywalkers toe-up too, but didn't like how they were turning out either.