Friday, October 17, 2014

Pencil crayons and Alice Walker

Alice Walker

This week's class was about faces and their proportions and using complementary colours to create shading and tone. The face was done in class with pencil crayons. I wanted to finish the drawing but I don't own any pencil crayons. I have all sorts of paints, pastels, markers, a whole assortment of art supplies. But no pencil crayons.

The drawing was done using a newspaper photo as refernce. Unfortunately, I don't know which newspaper or any way of crediting the photo. It was in a bag of an assortment of photos the instructor had. I was happy to sketch Alice Walker. She's someone I've always admired for her activist work and her writings.

I scanned the floating head into my iPad and finished up on Procreate. I'm pretty happy with the results.
Pencil and pencil crayon on paper 

These classes have been great, although I do miss not meeting up with my fibre friends Wednesday nights. If you guys are still reading my blog - Hi!

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