Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Need to do something creative

Stitches came out today but thumb is still really bruised and sore. I'm bored! Can't knit, can't sketch. I missed Monday's Pen & Ink class. I can play around on Sketchclub if I don't work on anything that require fine motor I made a couple of backgrounds.

Wet paper texture

Paint drying texture

Sometimes you do need to watch the paint dry even if it's only virtual paint.

I did say I was bored.

Done on Sketchclub on the iPad.  The layers are left intact so I can change the background colours to use in other projects.


  1. Just proves that no matter what…an artist will find a way to keep her creativity flowing. Good for you. Hope you heal quickly but while you're "out of commission" you can get your inspirations and ideas on a list for when you can execute them!!

  2. there you go! Such a great idea.